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REVIVA provides solutions which overcome the tough barriers to wealth building that all investors encounter:

“How can I diversify my investment capital into real assets that are low risk, provide consistent income distributions, allow me to pay substantially lower taxes and also generate lucrative appreciation in the future?"


  • Are you concerned about the safety of your money in the stock market at all-time highs?

  • Are you looking to protect your wealth and reduce your stock market risk?

  • Are you ready to put an end to paying excessive taxes on your investment income and keep more of your money?

  • Would you like your investments to make both great returns and reduce your taxes?

  • Are you aware that there is an investment that can reduce taxes paid on ordinary income?

  • Are you aware that even just a 1% annual fee in traditional 401k and IRA investments will erode your total returns by 25% over 40 years?

  • Are you aware that there are secure investments which produce more lucrative returns that are built specifically for your tax deferred retirement accounts?

  • Are you aware of the numerous financial advantages of diversifying your money into hard assets?

  • If you are concerned about preserving your capital and multiplying your capital in a low-risk, inflation-resistant, nearly indestructible wealth generation vehicle then let’s have a conversation!


Put the REVIVA strategy to work for your portfolio and grow your wealth.

The solutions that all investors desire to these wealth diluting problems have been engineered into the REVIVA investment methodology.

Did you know:

  • Multifamily performs better than other assets, especially in a recession, providing you more protection than traditional stock-market investments.

  • Multifamily Investments offer substantial tax benefits, providing rewarding write-offs against your other income.

  • Multifamily properties are valued based on income performance rather than comparable sales, allowing for significant increase in value and profitable returns (annualized returns targeted at 15% – 21%).

    • REVIVA calls it “Forced Appreciation”.

  • REVIVA’s bespoke property team comprised of seasoned specialist operators identify, evaluate and manage each asset, allowing you to experience tax advantaged passive cash flow and capital appreciation of your wealth, without ever having to deal with the headaches of property management.

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