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  • REVIVA was formed to provide stable and superior returns with minimized risk exposure to investors. REVIVA additionally offers the enhancement of a liquidity facility if investors should choose to request capital liquidity prior to the sale of an asset.​

  • The REVIVA business model is driven by economic research that considers factors including housing demand, population migration, emerging shifts in work place dynamics, municipal investment and housing stock stratification studies.​​

  • The REVIVA research has identified sustainable and increasingly important trends which will affect the future multifamily housing utilization and present opportunities to increase their values.




  • The REVIVA financial models target sizable positive returns for our investors by measuring the effects of intelligent capital expenditures along with forecasting the impact of implementing systematic property management on revenue growth and expense reduction.


  • REVIVA is value-add focused in all aspects of multifamily living which improves the experience for our residents. This includes rigorous tenant screening, quality property amenities, prompt response to tenant requests and conscientious security enhancement for REVIVA-owned community residents to enjoy.


  •  REVIVA upgrades property living experiences which increases tenant retention and attracts new quality tenants. The tenant enhancement process is designed to achieve annual cash flow distribution growth and to create attractive capital appreciation for REVIVA investors.



  • REVIVA principals, Vance and Trey, believe that there are numerous current investment opportunities in the REVIVA target markets that are closely aligned with the REVIVA investment strategy


  •  REVIVA principals, Vance and Trey, possess decades of combined experience in the institutional commercial real estate capital markets, owning multifamily and single-family properties and partnering in multifamily syndication. Vance and Trey each apply their skill-sets and experience to identify, negotiate, implement and oversee the management of REVIVA investments. This experience caters to consistently producing sizable positive returns and wealth generation for REVIVA investors.

REVIVA - Principals

Our mission is to generate cash flow, force appreciation, & build long-term wealth for REVIVA investors through multifamily real estate investments.

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Trey Wheeler

Experience structuring Real Estate transactions and has negotiated nearly $200M in Residential Real Estate transactions in the Seattle area market. 

Successfully graduated Cum Laude from the University of San Diego while also playing Quarterback on the D1-AA football team.

Vance Wheeler, MBA

Over 27 years experience advising and transacting with sophisticated investors in Structured Real Estate assets, complex debt instruments, fixed income strategies, modeled loan portfolios, and derivative strategies for hedging or portfolio optimization. Sophisticated, institutional clients included FreddieMac, Blackrock, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Prudential Insurance, Fidelity Management, John Hancock, Invesco, Franklin Templeton, WAMCO, TIAA, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Apollo Management, AIG, 5 State Retirement Systems, 2 Multi-national Hedge Funds among others.


Successfully completed transactions totaling in excess of $600B.

University of Alabama, Bachelors, Mens Basketball (1979-83)

Vanderbilt, Owen School of Management, MBA 

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