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Real Estate Value Identification &

Value Add


Cash Flow. Appreciation. Tax Advantages. Long-Term Wealth.

REVIVA identifies, analyzes, and purchases value-add multifamily properties, implements systematic property management, and intelligently deploys capital expenditures to enhance cash flow and force appreciation. Target internal rate of return is 15%-21%.


  • REVIVA's acquisition model is built upon multifaceted economic research combining numerous factors including housing demand, population migration, emerging shifts in work place dynamics, municipal investment and housing stock stratification studies.

  • REVIVA has identified sustainable and increasingly important trends which will affect multifamily housing utilization and value.

  • REVIVA targets a specific segment of multifamily housing stock in specifically chosen markets which possess the socioeconomic, data-driven characteristics necessary for successful investment.


  •  REVIVA underwrites all characteristics, physical and financial, to assess whether the target return thresholds are achievable through the acquisition, forced appreciation, and systematic management of a potential subject property.

  • REVIVA implements systematic property management techniques proven to enhance rent growth, decrease vacancy and force asset appreciation.

  • REVIVA has engineered a unique liquidity facility that affords REVIVA investors the opportunity to liquidate their individual investment prior to an asset-level liquidation event.



Simple and Transparent

  • Financial Analysis

  • Property Plan

  • Financial Projections

Review the details of each acquisition before making an investment commitment.

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